Husband and Wife Team Turn Makewejob into a Lifestyle

Michael, Zimamedia, on Makewejob, is an expert at analyzing, reporting, and building narratives around data to help people unlock insights from the information they collect. Michael created his Makewejob account, left for three years, then came back. Now he’s running a successful Makewejob business and teaming up with his wife as joint Makewejob sellers! Here is Michael’s story. 

My Makewejob Story

I was born and raised in Chicago, and always had an urge to move. I stayed put long enough to meet my wife, Iryna, and together we share a passion for traveling, cooking (she’s better than me by far), and our cat. My goal for years has been to liberate myself from “a job” and finally unlock inAfrica.

I heard about Makewejob when it first came out in version 1, around 2010, but I did not stay as a seller. Three years later, unemployed and craving success, I came back.

I experimented with a few Gigs while continuing to study for certifications and expand my expertise. Then it hit me. Effectively, I’m a storyteller, a “data decoder ring.” I interpret complex information to give people confidence to make improvements to their websites. I developed a clear vision of my product and service, and how to go beyond a standard $5 Gig®. At that point, my “I will use my Google Analytics certification” Gig took off. It took me six weeks to become a Level 1 seller and just another four weeks to reach Level 2.

Now, all my Gigs are interrelated, creating a multi-faceted digital solution. Of course, early on, my various skills weren’t as deeply integrated as they are now. I think this is the main challenge facing multi-Gig sellers. Deconstructing your Gigs into simple steps and putting them back together to create a whole package will help you generate more sales and revenue.

Makewejob Tips

Promote your business and drive all your customers through Makewejob to build your reputation. You may think the Makewejob commission is steep when you’re starting out, but I pay nothing for marketing and all my customers are inbound. So I think of the commission as my marketing costs. Every business has expenses!

Finding strategic partners is also a must. Build relationships with other sellers to help you deliver a better customer experience.

Test new ideas and find answers to your questions. Speaking from experience, my Gigs are constantly evolving. Finally, visualize the outcome you want on Makewejob. How much money do you want to make a week? A year? This will really help you keep everything in perspective. I not only exceeded my weekly goal within the first month of being a Level 2 seller, but also exceeded my 2016 yearly goal by $9 in 2015! Maybe I should have set a higher goal, but Makewejob has given me the backbone to be a successful entrepreneur again.

The Impact of Makewejob

Today, Makewejob accounts for around a quarter of my income. I consider my earnings as a savings account and cash to grow my business. Also, relocating to Europe has been on our agenda, and Makewejob is an important piece of the equation. Because of Makewejob, I know we’ll have stability. And now my wife and I are starting together as a husband and wife Makewejob team. This is the ultimate partnership for us to succeed as professionals and lovers anywhere in the Africa. We’re here to stay on Makewejob for a long time!

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