I will Create A School Administration App To Manage Schools 

I will A School Administration App To Manage Schools

Digicom School app

Digicom school app is an online management software that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information.


  1. Generation of your school portal instantly upon registration, ensuring 24/7 online presence.
  2. Generation of unlimited scratch cards by school for parents to view their children results via your school Android Application.
  3. Generation of virtual classrooms where students are electronically situated.
  4. Individual account for students/parents, teachers and school Administrator.
  5. Record of the students and teachers’ bio-data including pictures on the electronic report cards.
  6. Presentation of students’ continuous assessment, test and examination results online for parents’ access via school issued scratch card or PIN.
  7. Generation of electronic report cards for online viewing by the parents.
  8. Electronic Broadsheet.
  9. Simple data input interface for teacher via mobile phones or computer system.
  10. Pre-configured and selectable teacher’s comments and other psychometrics.
  11. Management tools and network functions, such as subject assigning and re-assigning, promotion keys etc. Teachers’ ability to use any electronic devices to input students’ scores and provide accessibility of the records to parents, students and the school administrator immediately.
  12. Ability to send personalized bulk SMS by class.
  13. Students’ Continuous Assessment Alerts (test and exam scores)directly to the parents on their mobile phones via email or SMS. Note that the sms delivers to NON-DND mobile phones only.
  14. Students’ Attendance Alerts which notify parents and the school administrator on either a student is absent in school or not on NON-DND mobile phone numbers.
  15. Distributability: the ability to send or share e-Report card over any electronic means such as email or SMS even WhatsApp.
  16. Students e-Report Alerts sent at the end of the term directly to parents on their mobile phone or PC.
17. School fees, inventory, book-store, and expenses recording.
18. Sending of school fees balance reminder to parents owning school fees on NON-DND mobile phones.
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